Update... AT LAST

We have a provisional re-opening date to work towards Monday 12th April due to this only being provisional we have decided NOT to start taking bookings just yet we will review this Mid March an hopefully open our diary up for bookings around this time. We will keep you updated so please don’t worry.

Once we start re- booking we will have a fair system in place as before. We ask all clients to kindly understand this as we have a very large backlog of clients.

We will be contacting all clients who had an appointment booked with us during lockdown. Starting with the first week of lockdown to the last, these clients will have priority. We have a list of all these clients so please do not contact us WE WILL contact you as soon as we get more clarification.

Once these clients have been re-booked we will then contact the list of clients that have requested to be put onto our waiting list (via email/ phone/ social media) Try not to panic as before our amazing team of stylists and beauticians we work really hard to get everyone in.

We have hundreds of clients to re-schedule so please be patient with us, we will have a lot of phone calls to make. If you haven’t already and would like to be on our waiting list for an appointment send us a message or leave a message on our voicemail so we can add you to our list.

Thankyou for your patient, understanding and support during this time of uncertainty for all of us, it has been a very challenging and worrying time for us and so many businesses. Please keep your fingers crossed for the 12th April.

Lots of love
The Grapevine Team xxx